“Our only regrets
Are the rides not taken.”

Find great rides, great biker bars, listen to local bands. Thirsty Biker does it all.

We don’t stop there, make friends, create groups and events all in one format. Oh and we even check the weather before you leave.

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It's not where you live,
it's where you go.

App Features!

Young girl sitting on the floor in a warehouse next to a motorcycle with its headlight on

Let's Ride

Pick how far you want to go, then we show you all the awesome biker destinations along the way. You choose where, when and what you want to see and we map out how you get there. Plus, we’ll even check the weather before you leave.

Two women and a man at a biker event posing for a picture

Friend Finder

Once you're registered, you can invite other riders to be your friend. All Thirsty Friends are visible at their current locations (unless they don’t want to be). Find your group and join the fun..

Group of riders stopped in the road


Now the real fun begins! Set up your own Riding Group, either an open group for everyone to join or a closed group for only a few close friends. You can even set up events, share rides and coordinate your plans! Not everyone likes to ride alone, and with Thirsty Groups, it's easy to join the community!

Band rocking a biker event


Create your own Thirsty Events and upload them to Facebook! Not on Facebook? No problem! Share the events on the app, so that everyone can see what's going on.

Bikers getting gas on Route 66

Find Gas Stations

Need to fuel up? Find gas stations along your route, so that you never have to worry about missing out on a good time.

Front wheel of modern black motorcycle on concrete and metal ground

Find Dealerships

If you're far from home and need parts or reliable service, it can be tough to find a local mechanic. We make it easy to find dealerships near you, so that you can take your bike in for maintenance or repairs when needed.

Man next to a motorcycle out of gas

Broken Down?

Picture it… you're riding alone on the back roads of a new area, getting some much-needed wind therapy and all of a sudden, an unfortunate breakdown happens. Being far away from familiarity can be stressful, but with the Broke Down feature, you'll be able to get the assistance you need. One thing is for sure, bikers are always the first to show up for a biker in need.

Motorcycle taking a curve around Spearfish Canyon

Classic Rides

Want to partake in some of the most iconic motorcycle routes around the globe? Try out the Classic Rides feature for once-in-a-lifetime journeys encompassing famous roads, beautiful state parks, and awe-inspiring national monuments submitted by motorcycle riders throughout the country. Don't miss out!