About Us

We’re About Community

At Thirsty Biker, we seek to create the ultimate atmosphere for the social biker.

Riding motorcycles and the freedom it represents finds people from all walks of life with a common thread…
a love of being in the open air and enjoying how to get there as much as the destination.

The key components of the Thirsty Biker experience are creating an ever-growing community and enjoying all the things that come along with it.

  • Find unique locations to enjoy live music, cool drinks and the lifestyle we all love.
  • Locate friends and make new ones, share rides and events.
  • Choose classic rides or create your own to share.
  • Create open or closed groups for rides and events.
  • Search for biker bars, map out how to get there, then check the weather before you leave.
  • Register your favorite spots on the app for other riders to find and enjoy.
  • Find local events, based on where you are riding.
  • Locate dealerships and gas stations if needed.

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