Hi, all you Thirsty Guys and Galls out there! My name is Trieda, and my partner Tom and I own Route 66 in Central Scotland, UK. We are a motorcycle training school and a dog-friendly biker café. My mum was a bit of a petrolhead, and for my 16th birthday she bought me a 50cc bike, and that was the start of it. I’m a bit of a helmet collector. One of my favorites is covered with Faux diamonds, and that’s my bling helmet. I have two with cat ears built-in, three plain white work helmets, and a couple of open face helmets, just for fun. I ride a Red Honda VFR 800 V-Tec, and I call her Maureen O’Hara, while Tom has a Black Honda VFR1200, called John Wayne. Yes… our favorite movie is the Quiet Man. John Wayne chases Maureen along the motorway, and sometimes she lets him catch her.

Must-See Stops

Route 66 ride map

There is nothing I love more than to ride around the beautiful roads of the Clyde Valley. The twists and turns, the fresh Scottish air, and the wind blowing through the colorful countryside are genuinely unique. Then, onwards to the south to stop for lunch at The Station in Kirkpatrick Fleming, then another few twisty miles where I find myself in a totally different country, the North of England.

There is always something going on at Route 66, whether ride-outs, bike meets, or silly events. The biker community is happy and friendly. When people come to visit, I love the sound of the pipes and the ringing of laughter, and I honestly feel like I have the best job ever. Our café makes some fantastic freshly made food if I do say so myself. And I can’t help but smile when the odd biker group orders an afternoon tea and sits in their leathers drinking from our fine china tea sets.

The Route 66 Experience

We train many ladies to get onto two wheels, and it’s incredible to see the freedom beginning within their souls. We have even had a Honda Hornet 600 lowered for ladies that are vertically challenged. It has been decorated with pink and white reflective decals. It does get some heads turning, but it gives everyone a chance to learn to ride. Our students very quickly become friends. Once they learn to ride, they often visit for lunch and a chat and show off their new wheels. We have had lots of visitors that use the Thirsty Biker App, but I think the best was a group of guys who had come from Russia and Poland. They had managed to get to London and had used the Thirsty Biker App to get them from the south of England to Route 66 in Central Scotland. They wanted to visit lots of castles and see our fabulous countryside. There are lots of both around us, so they were happy chaps. They also ordered the afternoon tea.

We just got a 300-year-old Anvil from the historic and romantic Gretna Green, and we can’t wait to get started on biker weddings. Just one more way to spread the biker love. So, if you are ever passing, please pop in and say hello. I just love making new friends and hearing new pipes.

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