He was the 16th President of the United States, recognized for abolishing slavery, leading the U.S. through the Civil War, and contributing to the modernization of the economy. He was swamped during his short time in office all those years ago, and many people want to learn more about this great man. Naturally, where he once lived is a hot topic of conversation. People from near and far want to catch a glimpse of his famous log cabin home, which is open to the public daily. This is a must-see spot for any history buff out there, and if you’re looking for a ride filled with echoes of the past, taking a jaunt around Lincoln State Park is a must. Between the historical sights and sheer beauty of nature, you’ll be in awe of this one-of-a-kind ride. So, let’s take out our Thirsty Biker apps and prepare for a truly unforgettable ride.

In episode 36 of the Thirsty Biker Chronicles, we’re taking a loop around Lincoln’s home in Lincoln State Park, Indiana.

Must-See Stops

Santa Clause decoration in a restaurant

We start our journey in Santa Claus, Indiana (yes, you read that correctly!) at a place fittingly called St. Nick’s Restaurant. It may come as no surprise that this place celebrates the most wonderful time of the year every day. You’ll be transported to the holiday season, no matter when you visit, from holiday decorations to festive music. With a buffet featuring classic homecooked meals to a bar stocked with all of your favorites, who could pass up a visit to this iconic establishment? St. Nick’s is an absolute must if you want to ho-ho-ho your way to a good time while exploring the area’s history.

Once you’ve enjoyed some Christmas cheer, it’s time to head to Louie’s Tavern in Fulda for some 21-and-over fun that can’t be beaten. Treasure hunts on the regular for a chance to win some serious cash, plus loads of homecooked food and ice-cold beverages. Louie’s is the place to be for some serious fun. Finally, as you’re making your way around the loop, you’ll want to make a pitstop at Braunies Bar in Tell City. Food, drinks, and live drawings for cash await at one of the best biker spots in town. If you’re worn out after a long loop around Lincoln State Park, some time spent at Braunies will get you ready and raring to go for the trip back to your lodgings.

The Ride

Indiana ride map

Not only is this ride filled with history, but you’ll also find that the scenery is top-notch. From rolling hills to sprawling forests, you’ll be in awe at the tree-lined roads and spectacular foliage, especially during autumn. Making one big loop around Lincoln State Park, you’ll enjoy history, nature, and sheer enjoyment all in one incredible ride. It’s important to note that this area attracts many visitors at all points of the year, so traffic will be something to consider. You’ll want to pay careful attention while navigating the roadways, especially with the gigantic trees that tend to block your view around the twists and turns of the road. If you’re looking for a ride like you’ve never experienced, this one is definitely one for the books.

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