Thirsty Biker Chronicles: EPISODE 22: Drifting Through the Delaware River Valley – Route 97 & Scenic New Jersey

“Woah, we’re halfway there…woah, livin’ on a prayer!” That may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of New Jersey and its musical icon, Bon Jovi, but there’s much more than meets the eye in this historic region. There’s quite a history in the Delaware River Valley, encompassing parts of Pennsylvania, […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 21: Ridin’ Through the ATL to Red Top Mountain State Park

Georgia on my mind? Hell yeah! Who’s ready for a down-home southern-inspired ride? From historic homes to sports teams, Atlanta has it all. When it comes to some of the most phenomenal sights to see in the South, this area has more than its fair share of unique locations. You’re going to find tons of […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 20: Cruisin’ the Curves on Ohio Route 26

Are you thirsty for an O-H-I-O adventure? You may already know that Cleveland Rocks, and you may have already partaken in Cincinnati’s famous Spaghetti Chili. Still, you may not know this little neck of the woods in Southeast Ohio that will make you feel like you’re in another world. There’s a reason why Ohio is […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 19: The Ultimate Winter Ride – Route 89A, Flagstaff to Sedona, AZ

If you’re like me, putting your scoot away for the winter ranks right up there with calling customer service at the cable company or visiting the dentist. BUT, there are some places where the ridin’ is good almost year-round. I’m going to tell you about one of those today. Our journey starts in the desert, […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 18: Journey’ Round the Cat and Fiddle Inn—UK

It’s over 200 years old and stands 1,689 ft above sea level, making it England’s second-highest public house, as well as the highest whiskey distillery. The Cat and Fiddle Inn, one of the UK’s most famous pubs, has been a staple on the Derbyshire-Cheshire border since 1813. Despite being closed here and there throughout the […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 17: Northwest Arkansas- Rogers to Eureka Springs

There’s a reason that the Arkansas state motto is “The Natural State”. If you want to get an Arkansas biker’s heart beating a little quicker, just mention the Pig Trail, The Arkansas Grand Canyon, or Scenic Highway 7. The Northwest part of this southern gem of a state is packed with roads begging to be […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 16: The Welch Village Twisties Run, Minnesota

What’s up, Thirsty Bikers of the North?! When you and your friends wanna ride, you might automatically think, “Alright, let’s hit up Psycho Suzi’s, The 1029 Bar, or Matt’s!” But slow down brothers and sisters…why don’t we get out of town a bit today? The Thirsty Biker’s gonna get you back to nature with this […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 15: Ridin’ with the Route 66 Mates

Hi, all you Thirsty Guys and Galls out there! My name is Trieda, and my partner Tom and I own Route 66 in Central Scotland, UK. We are a motorcycle training school and a dog-friendly biker café. My mum was a bit of a petrolhead, and for my 16th birthday she bought me a 50cc […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 14: Nature-Hopping on the Beartooth Highway

Feelin’ thirsty to get away from it all? Well, here’s your chance! The Beartooth Highway, otherwise known as the #1 Motorcycling Road in America, is not only filled with dozens of hairpin turns and switchbacks, it’s also home to some of the most captivating natural wonders in the country. Perfect for an experienced rider who’s […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 13: The Ride of a Lifetime on the Tail of the Dragon Straight Through to the Cherohala Skyway

It’s a biker’s dream, one of the most famous stretches of pavement that has ever existed. If you’re ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you’ll find it on the Tail of the Dragon. For those who are brave enough to ride the Dragon, you know that you’ve got an exhilarating ride ahead. When you want to […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 12: Surf ‘n Turf Daytona Style

From the Beaches of Daytona to the Farmlands of Apopka Lake Steak and lobster? Yes! Why choose when you know you’re thirsty for the best of both worlds, and this ride, my friends, gives you just that. Imagine starting your journey along the sun-drenched shores of Daytona Beach and making your way inland for those […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 11: A Jaunt Through the English Countryside

Let’s have a chinwag, shall we? We’ve got the scoop on some of the most epic sights in all of England, and if you think you’ll be finding yourself among the bustling city streets of London, think again. It’s time to grab your mates and prepare for an adventure like no other. We’re taking a […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 10: Quad Cities Cruising

Walk into any bar and yell “Quad Cities!” and you’re guaranteed to make some new friends from Iowa and Illinois. You may know the quad cities as being on the Iowa-Illinois border-right alongside the rushing waters of the Mississippi River, but did you know this area is made up of five cities? Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 9: A Biker’s Must-See List for Laconia

Rev your engine if you’ve ever done Laconia Motorcycle Week! Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!! Laconia, home of the world’s oldest motorcycle rally that just so happened to take place all but a few days ago, is more than just a sleepy New England town. Rally week or not, It’s filled with historic lakefront […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 8: California Dreamin’ Down the PCH & the Famous Rock Store Run

Alright, dudes and dudettes, if you’re stoked to catch some rays, while you check out some of the most awesome scenery in the country, get ready to roll along the coast of the PCH and explore some California Love. You won’t find any mundane drives here. California is jam packed with cliffs, twists and turns […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 7: Motorcycling in the UK vs. the US

By @Gareth_UK (guest author) TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER! Just kidding, but I have always wanted to say that and I thought this was my big chance, since I’m taking over The Desk of the Thirsty Biker for Episode 7. My name is Gareth and as a Brit living in the United States, I’m going […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 6: Ridin’ the Laurel Highlands | Pennsylvania

Hey Thirsty Bikers! Here’s a trip to add to your bucket list after Mother Nature decides to thaw out the frozen tundra of winter in Western Pennsylvania. And it’s so worth the cold, frosty wait! Cause once the sun shines and the birds sing once again, well this area is just freakin’ breathtaking. The hills […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 5: The Green Welly Stop | Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park

Thirsty Bikers of the UK, this one’s for you! You may know the famous Green Welly Stop, especially if you’re accustomed to weekend rides taking in the fresh air and awesome views throughout the English and Scottish countrysides. Starting as just a filling station, the Green Welly Stop has become a lot more than just […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 4: Wisconsin Dells Dives & Drives

Hey Thirsty Bikers, it’s time to do the Dells! Wisconsin Dells is a ride any biker needs to take at least once in their lifetime. Crazy-beautiful scenery and long, open highways await in one of the most phenomenal locations in the country. Forget your typical Midwest town, Dells is different. Glacier-carved sandstone formations and some […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 3: Cruisin’ Outside Houston

Jump on your bike and get ready to ride right outside the city for a little bit of fresh air, windshield time and some damn good Texas BBQ. Yep, we’re cruisin’ outside Houston for the latest installment of the Thirsty Biker chronicles, and if you’re looking for some of the best spots to visit, we’ve […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 2: Rapid City to Belle Fourche, SD

Okay, there’s Sturgis… and then there’s the way the locals do Sturgis. Whether you’re taking part in the Rally or you’re just passing through, if you find yourself in the Black Hills of South Dakota and you’re craving a day free from crowds, traffic and the general public…we’ve got you covered. There’s nothing quite like […]

Thirsty Biker Chronicles EPISODE 1: Arcadia, Florida Loop

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear “Florida?” Beaches? Big cities? Traffic jams? Well forget it! We’re gonna introduce you to one of our favorite parts of Florida…THE MIDDLE! And one of our favorite places in the middle of Florida is Arcadia. No matter how you get to Arcadia or […]