Let’s have a chinwag, shall we? We’ve got the scoop on some of the most epic sights in all of England, and if you think you’ll be finding yourself among the bustling city streets of London, think again. It’s time to grab your mates and prepare for an adventure like no other. We’re taking a ride through the English countryside, and if you’re ready to get a bit cheeky, we’re ready to have a bloody good time. We’re talking rolling hills and idyllic villages, dotted with lakes and rivers, the perfect backdrop to any famous painting. Not only is this area, northeast of London, utterly breathtaking on its own, but there’s also nothing quite like exploring it on two wheels. So, join us as we open up our Thirsty Biker apps, meet up with fellow riders and take in the sights, sounds, tastes, and more that await in Episode 11 of the Thirsty Biker Chronicles… an excursion through the English countryside.

Must-See Sights

If you caught our previous blog about bikin’ through the U.K., you should be well aware that riding on two wheels across the pond is a tad bit different than in the U.S. For one, the Brits tend to ditch the bar scene, opting for cafes and scenic attractions instead, and the English countryside doesn’t disappoint. Our first stop is at Wings Cafe, found in the charming village of Epping. Located adjacent to the North Weald Airfield, you’re able to take in the aircraft while enjoying a bite on your journey through the countryside. Breakfast, lunch, and quick bites are served, and if you want a meal with a view, Wings delivers. If you need a pick-me-up, head over to Cafe 33 for a cuppa. Cafe 33 is a must for anyone riding through the peaceful, quiet countryside, from full English breakfasts to home-baked cakes.

King and Tinker in Enfield

Want to know where all of your fellow bikers hang out? Aside from opening up your Thirsty Biker app to check out the area, we’ll let you in on a biker secret… Tudoran’s Biker’s Kaffee is the place to be. This family-run food truck serves travelers near and far, and if you’re in the mood for some home-cooked delicacies, you’ll want to stop here. The perfect way to continue on with your journey, this food truck is happy to accommodate bikers, whether you’re a local or just passing through. Finally, if you want the ultimate English experience, head over to The King & Tinker in Enfield, a 500-year-old pub with tons of local history. From classic English fare to specialty gins and more, the King & Tinker is a can’t-miss stop.

The Whimsical English Countryside

map of English countryside

No matter where you’re going and what you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it along with the twists and turns of the English countryside. From charming cafes to pubs with rich histories, there’s a spot for every rider and a story or two to tell. So, get ready to make your own memories on this journey, and remember, the Thirsty Biker app has everything you need to connect, discover and ride. And if the English countryside is on your bucket list, be sure to pay a visit to these classic establishments for good food, good company, and even better stories.

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