Feelin’ thirsty to get away from it all? Well, here’s your chance! The Beartooth Highway, otherwise known as the #1 Motorcycling Road in America, is not only filled with dozens of hairpin turns and switchbacks, it’s also home to some of the most captivating natural wonders in the country. Perfect for an experienced rider who’s in the mood for a thrilling rush, this ride showcases snow-capped mountains, alpine meadows, and some of the most immaculate sights you’re ever going to see in your lifetime. So, Thirsty Bikers, let’s fire up those apps because this ride will be a little different. In episode 14 of the Thirsty Biker Chronicles, we’re taking you nature-hopping on the Beartooth Highway and beyond.

Must-See Sights

Like we mentioned before, this ride is unique, and so are the must-see sights. Let’s bust out the Classic Rides feature on our apps and go for some legendary rides with some outstanding sightseeing too. Our journey takes us through Beartooth Pass, or Route 212, which makes its way through Montana and Wyoming, passing through Red Lodge and Yellowstone National Park. Although Beartooth Pass crosses state lines, our epic ride sticks to the Montana high grounds and the pristine mountainous scenery.

If you’re cruising through the area, you can check out one of Yellowstone National Park’s most iconic must-see stops – a 3,500 square mile wilderness recreation area, which just so happens to sit right on top of a volcanic hot spot. Although you’ll find that much of this famous park stretches well into neighboring states, like Wyoming and Idaho, Montana’s piece of this natural paradise is simply breathtaking. From dense forests to top spots, like Old Faithful, you’ll not only find plenty of photo ops, but you’ll be in awe at the grandeur of nature here in the country’s most revered national parks.

Bighorn Canyon

For more spectacular views, head to Bighorn Canyon, a 120,000-acre recreational area. Bighorn Canyon features access to hiking trails, boating, camping, and more, with diverse wildlife throughout. If you’re ready for a couple of days out in nature, Bighorn Canyon may just provide the ideal respite. Venture over to Shoshone Forest, the first national forest in the U.S., for some of the area’s best views. With over 2.4 million acres to take in, you’ll be able to enjoy peaceful vibes throughout. And when you want to immerse yourself in a bit of history, take a trip to the Cheyenne and Crow Indian Reservations for horseback riding tours, sightseeing, and more.

The Ride

map showing the ride stops

This ride has something for everyone, from snow-clad mountains and glacial tundras to lush forests and sprawling meadows. Due to the high altitude, some parts of this route will close from October to May, which means there’s still plenty of time to get out there and ride. It’s advised to always travel with caution on this scenic ride, as Beartooth Highway is subject to extreme weather, no matter what time of the year. Be sure to check with the Beartooth Ranger District before you embark on your journey to ensure favorable road conditions.

So, who’s down for a ride through nature? Open up the Classic Rides feature in your Thirsty Biker apps and get ready to be blown away by the outstanding sights, tranquil vibes, and rush of excitement that you can expect to find when you’re blazin’ down Beartooth Highway.

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