What’s up, Thirsty Bikers of the North?! When you and your friends wanna ride, you might automatically think, “Alright, let’s hit up Psycho Suzi’s, The 1029 Bar, or Matt’s!” But slow down brothers and sisters…why don’t we get out of town a bit today? The Thirsty Biker’s gonna get you back to nature with this one. Known as one of the best rides near Minneapolis, the Welch Village Twisties Run is 21 miles of sheer beauty. Cascade through rural Minnesota, taking in unbelievable sights over the Cannon River and beyond, and if you’re craving a piece of the West, these valleys will make you feel as though you’re there. Perfect for a day trip, especially during the autumn months, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the most iconic views in the area, accentuated with sharp twists, tight corners, and small-town charm. So, riders, are you ready for incomparable sights and nothing but the wind rushing past you? Then, open up your Thirsty Biker apps and get ready for a ride beyond the Twin Cities and into the nature that surrounds the bustling cityscape. In episode 16 of the Thirsty Biker Chronicles, we’re experiencing the Welch Village Twisties Run.

Must-See Stops

Kelly's Tap House

The journey begins and ends in Red Ring, MN, which is about an hour-and-a-half outside Minneapolis. Our first stop is at Kelly’s Tap House Bar & Grill. This place offers the largest selection of taps in town, not to mention mouthwatering food and outstanding Mississippi River views. When you want award-winning fare and a staff that aims to please, you’ve got to stop by Kelly’s. Once you’ve had your fill of chicken wings, pizza, burgers, and more, head on over to the town of Vasa for small-town vibes and plenty of gorgeous scenery to take in during your ride. This Swedish settlement is nine miles east of Cannon Falls, where many famous musicians recorded their iconic albums, like Nirvana and others. Once you pass through Vasa, head to Welch Village for some of the best skiing and snowboarding around. In addition to winter escapades, you can also find plenty of places to grab a drink and mingle with like-minded folks from all parts of the country. From there, head back to Highway 61 and hit up Kelly’s Tap House Bar & Grill again to fuel yourself up for the ride back home.

The Route

route map

You’ll want to start in Red Wing and head west on US Highway 61 for about 5.5 miles. Turn left onto Highway 19 for about 7 miles and enjoy some incredible turns on the way. Then, turn right onto County 7 Blvd. for even more twists and turns for the next 8 miles, which will take you through Welch, MN. Continue to the end of the route until you run back into US Highway 61, right back where you started.

When you’re in the mood to get away from it all, this ride will take you away from the bustling city and into the vast expanse of nature located around Minneapolis. From ski towns to rivers, valleys, to twisting roadways, this ride has everything you need when it’s time to disconnect from the world. Sometimes life can get hectic, which is one of the reasons why we ride. So, the next time you’re traveling through the Twin Cities, fire up your Thirsty Biker app and get off the beaten path a bit. We guarantee it’ll be exactly what you need.

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