Alright, dudes and dudettes, if you’re stoked to catch some rays, while you check out some of the most awesome scenery in the country, get ready to roll along the coast of the PCH and explore some California Love. You won’t find any mundane drives here. California is jam packed with cliffs, twists and turns and so much more, and whether you’re riding along the beach or up the mountains, California just has a way of sucking you in. In this episode of the Thirsty Biker Chronicles, we’re Going Back to Cali, soaking up the sun and enjoying the ride, because baby it’s California Calling.

So, fire up your Thirsty Biker app and let’s take in the PCH and the famous Rock Store Run…

Must-See Stops

Outside of the Rock Store

We’re starting off our trip in the town of Santa Monica. You may know this beachfront city just west of Los Angeles for its inspiring sights, thriving art scene and of course, legendary Thirsty Biker stops. Take a ride up and down the famous Mulholland Highway to your first stop, Rock Store. Set up high in the Santa Monica Mountains, you’ll get to enjoy a view like no other. And not only will you get to dive into home-style cooking at its finest, you’ll also get to meet amazing riders, just like yourselves. Known for being one of the most famous auto and moto hangouts in the world, Rock Store sees visitors of all walks of life, even celebrities, frequenting its walls. If you want to get away from the city without going too far, Rock Store is the perfect way to start your ride.

When you’re visiting California, you’ve got to take a ride up and down the Pacific Coast Highway, otherwise known as Highway 1 or just simply, the PCH. Once you get your fill of ocean breezes and a ride you’ll never forget, take a trip over to Star Lounge in Ventura, the best damn dive bar in the area. From cold drinks to live music, Star Lounge is a meeting place for bikers near and far. Wanting to meet some friends for a drink? Open up your Thirsty Biker app and see who’s in the area to join up.

The Route

Outside of the Rock Store

Start off in Santa Monica where you’ll get to take in the fresh sea air, bikini-clad bodies and no-nonsense atmosphere. You’ll find Rock Store hard to beat if you’re looking to meet up with fellow bikers, and once you’re ready to roll on, you’ve got to double back to the PCH and be awe-struck by the views. When you’re ready to call it a day, end it in Ventura at Star Lounge for a laidback attitude and tons of entertainment.

You won’t find anywhere else quite like California, and if you’re Going to California, you’ve got to check out these amazing sights and can’t-miss stops. So, fellow riders, let’s fire up our Thirsty Biker app and find somewhere to go get lost.

** Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many places may be closed or operating at decreased capacity, so we advise you to check before you set off on your ride. But remember, nature is still open. ‘Merica!

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